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Terms and Condition


All payments are C.O.D and shall be made upon completion of the work specified on invoice.

In the event that variations are required, 50% of variation price is required upfront and remainder to
be paid on completion of the variation.

We reserve the right to put the pool project on hold and commence other projects in the event that
payments are not on time or delayed. In this case, we reserve the right to re-negotiate contract price
before continuing with the pool project.

Tiles: Payment on order.

Payment methods

E.F.T payment. We do not accept cheques.

  • Deposit
  • Materials on site
  • Pool demolition and preparation
  • Tiling
  • Completion


*Estimated time of completion is conditional to weather.

In our Industry extreme fluctuations in the weather may influence when work is carried out. E.g.
some products require complete curing hence wet weather and humid surfaces may delay work.


Warranties for the works completed by the Contractor will be issued once final payment is made.
Warranties become null and void in the case that the final payment, or any money, are not paid
within the payment period. The client becomes responsible for any damage to Pool Surface and
Water Quality in the event that warranty is voided.


  • Labour and materials (excluding tiles)
  • Rubbish removal (in line with Contractors’ product use)
  • Warranty certificate with full material details and batch numbers
  • Follow up visit within 12 months
  • Water balance fact sheet
  • Hand over by either Christian

Not included in contract price

  • Engineer’s inspection and consultation fees if found to be necessary after commencement of
    work or not stipulated in the quote.
  • The cost of overcoming conditions that were not evident or made known to the Contractor
    prior to or at the time of signing this contract including earthworks or conditions below the
    surface of the pool or its surrounds not stipulated in the quotation.
  • Expenses to return unwanted materials already selected by the customer attract a 15%
    handling charge or no refund if damaged goods are out of the box.
  • Removal of tiles does not include bedding called ‘substrate’ or bonding element to tile or

Condition out of the Contractors Control

The following are not the Contractors responsibility; however, all professional care will be taken:

  • Damage occasioned where no hydrostatic valve exists or where an existing hydrostatic valve
    is inoperable, provided all reasonable precautions have been taken by the Contractor.
  • Damage or injury occasioned to anyone other than the Contractor or their personnel walking
    in or falling into the pool whilst it is empty.
  • Settlement of paving on fill within normal expected tolerance (coping only).
  • Settlement or structural failure where such condition was not evident at the time of entering
    the contract.
  • Minor cracking (not of structural significance) caused by shrinkage of differential settlement
    where alterations and/or additions are carried out to the structure.
  • The occurrence of calcium build-up on the new work.
  • Variation of colours or shading or slight patchy spots within the manufacturer’s
    specifications on tiles or any other surfaces. Also, consideration of the difference between
    manufacturers samples and actual materials.
  • Damage resulting from dust occurring during renovation works.
  • In case of cancellation of contract by the owner, deposit will not be refunded.
  • In case of work suspension by owner exceeding 8 weeks, the contactor reserves the right to
    cancel contract and begin new contract for the remainder of the contract work.

Means of Access

  • The Customer shall, at his own expense, provide for the Contractor suitable access to the
    property at all reasonable times. If access is denied/restricted at times of work, all
    subcontractor fees will be forwarded onto the Customer.

Ownership Definitions

All material, equipment and goods on site, provided by or on behalf of the Contractor, are and shall
remain the sole property of the Contractor until all outstanding money have been paid upon
completion of contractual obligation. At any given time, the Contractor has the right of access to
remove these items until such time as final settlement of the account has been achieved. Should the
Contractor remove and later reinstall materials, equipment or goods in consequence of default in
payment the Contractor may charge the Customer an additional fee.