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Master Pools would like to take the opportunity to thank you for considering us for your upcoming pool project. We would like to start by introducing ourselves and establish what sets us apart from other pool companies.

The Master Pools trade first started in France, with the skill handed down from one generation to another.

Christian Ayoul is the Owner and Principal Tradesman of Master Mosaic Pools. He has been tiling since 1988 and trained under Christian Jandeys’ watchful eye. He quickly became passionate about pool tiling and is now considered a Master Mosaic Tiler amongst his peers having, to Christian Jandeys delight, surpassed the skill of his trainer and mentor. Christian has also passed on his skill and knowledge by training many young apprentices over the years.

Christian Jandey is the Owner of Jandey Group, trading as Master Pool Renovation, and works co- jointly with Christian Ayoul as a technical back-up, material supplier and project supervisor. Christian Jandey has been considered a Master Mosaic Tiler since 1968 and has been building and renovating pools in Australia since 1975. He holds certificates and diplomas from one of the best European Trade Schools, Ecole des Art et Metier- Paris, France, and has been a Pool Builder with a Gold Licence from 1974 to 2008. He also has a Bio Guard Pools Water and Chemical Certification and a background in Pool Concrete Structure Engineering. Christian also has vast experience in Therapeutic Pool Hydrology and Pool Water Sanitisation Bio Chemistry.

Both Christians have been working successfully together for well over 30 years and have restructured their companies to meet the continuously growing demand on their respective services while still working closely together on collaborative projects. The decision to re-structure companies and roles has proven very fruitful as each Christian can now focus on their individual strengths to deliver products and services fortheir clients which are second to none.

Both are extremely passionate about their work and use their precision training and extremely high standards of work and professionalism to produce beautifully tiled pools, which have assured them complete satisfaction of clients such as Jim Masterton, Cronulla Surf Club, Government House Sydney, Hydrotherapeutic Commercial Hospital Pools, Holiday Resort Noumea, and over 1000 equally important and satisfied customers since 1968, including architects and builders. As such, Master Pools is considered to be a leader in the Pool Tiling Industry.

What sets us apart?

During our time as pool builders we have produced beautifully tiled, award winning pools, and due to our very strict work ethic, have not needed to come back and make ANY repairs on our work.However, we have seen the results of poorly planned and executed tiling projects, with the use of poor-quality products and lack of experience.

We will give the pool project the time it deserves to be carried out properly in order to product a project which is second to none– we will not rush the project in order to start another project sooner.

We use the butterfly method for laying tiles in all curved surfaces in order to avoid obvious horizonal cuts which are magnified by the pool water once filled. This is to produce a seamless tiling job that is aesthetically pleasing and one of the main distinctions between your average tiler and a Master Mosaist.

Our curved surfaces

Competitors curved surfaces

All our cuts are perfectly executed to the millimetre using a specific mosaic glass cutter. Once grouted, all our cuts are double checked and sanded in order to achieve a texture which is smooth to the touch. We take the safety our pool users very seriously, so this is to avoid any injuries or cuts from the pools’ interior surfaces.

Our smooth edges

Competitors sharp edges

Steps play a big part in both safety and the overall aesthetic look of a fully tiled pool. We have developed a completely customisable step edge to suit all tastes. Our customers have a choice of colour, the use of non-slip tiled rows, or glow-in-the-dark tiled rows- each with an associated cost.

Examples of our customisable step edges

We only ever use top quality products specifically designed for pool immersion. In our experience by using these superior products you produce a pool project which lasts considerably longer and therefore also eliminating the need for repairs.

Our pool finish using good quality products

Competitors tiling using poor quality products

Expansion joints are not compulsory in a pool project; however, we strongly advise our clients to include them to separate the internal finish from the coping. This is done to separate any contraction and retraction movement by the coping from creating cracks and damaging the internal tiling surface.

We use a double layered waterproof positive membrane in all our renovation projects separating the pools sanitised water from the substrate /concrete, and stopping any rust from arising from the pool shell to the surface.

Tiling is not just a job for us- it is truly a passion! We pride ourselves in our work and by delivering a beautiful pool which lasts a lifetime and exceeds any standards.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to quote on your pool project.

Our Services

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